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THE 100 (S1)


    03.  Kara Thrace + Samuel T. Anders

"It’s funny, you know, I… I remember when I told you that if I found out you were a cylon I would put a bullet in your head. Then some frakker beats me to it and all I can think about is how I can get you back. Human, Cylon, it doesn’t seem to matter. I just wanted you back. Because you’re just Sam. You were my Sam."

#battlestar galactica  #kara thrace  #samuel t. anders  #kara x sam  #otp: i'll see you on the other side  #mine [8]  #my gifs [4]  #mine: bsg  #bsg10**  #tbh most of my feelings for this ship come from the pain i felt for sam and the way kara treated him most of the time  #because mmmm love me some angst  #but they were so happy and so much fun in the beginning  #and then kara went and married him because he was the 'safe' choice  #and she felt the guilt of that decision every day she was with him  #not guilt for marrying him (instead of lee) but guilt for her /reasons/ for marrying him  #and maybe the reason she was so terrible to sam during the bulk of their ''marriage'' was because she felt she didn't deserve him  #so she tried pushing him away time and time again  #but sam's not a ''love 'em and leave 'em'' kind of guy so of course he wasn't letting her off the hook that easily  #so he fought and fought until he just couldn't anymore and he let her go  #but without any ultimatums  #because he wanted her to know he would ALWAYS be there for her no matter what  #and he was  #and she should've been damn grateful since he remained her most loyal ally on demetrius DESPITE how shitty she was to him the whole time  #but i feel like a recurring theme with kara was that she never knew a good thing when she had it  #so naturally it took sam being on the brink of death for her to realize what he truly meant to her and how much she meant to him  #but by the time she finally felt worthy of his love and ready to fully reciprocate it was too late of course  #then again i believe if kara ended up with anyone it was with sam  #playing pyramid in the sky  #and i'm okay with that  #(sorry for the tag spam i just have A LOT OF FEELINGS when sam is involved) 
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